Rage Screen Saver

NEW! The all new Rage Face Screen Saver for Windows includes a fine collection of Rage Faces and comes with three different modes: Slow Rage, Bounce Rage and Screen Filling Rage! Installer generates an Uninstaller.

Desktop Icons

Here you will find icons for your desktop! The icons will be released in packs to
ensure formats stay consistent. Check back for more icon packs!

Desktop Pack 1

This pack includes high-quality 128x128 PNG files for Mac/Linux. Windows support is recognized via ICO in the following sizes: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 128x128. Some of these icons have a matching pair, this was intended to give more flexibility when choosing empty/full trash icons.

NEW! RAGEicons Screen Saver
Download Screen Saver - Installer
Includes Rage Faces and Screen Saver [PNG]

RAGEicons for Microsoft Windows
Download Desktop Icon Pack 1 - ZIP
Includes 30 RAGEicons [PNG + ICO]